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Empowerment coaching for women who don’t want to be boxed in

Don't adapt to your life. Create a life that fits you.

I will help you to realize your wild/weird/edgy heart's desires with enjoyment & self-confidence.

Grab your *free* introductory call now:

More enthusiasm. More desire. More liveliness.

I feel light, full of energy and want to take part in life again.

Before the coaching, I was extremely exhausted and listless for months. In just 3
Sessions I was able to resolve the cause of my lack of energy and find my way back to my old, lively self. I can tackle new things with enthusiasm and am more loving and patient with myself when something doesn't work out right away.

Zeynep, 26

Have you suppressed your feelings and allowed your boundaries to be exceeded for far too long?

Then you know situations like this:

You are frustrated with partners who do not give you the commitment or closeness that you long for...

You give so much and get so little in return. So often you feel hurt, betrayed and frustrated. You think about leaving, but wonder if you're just being too much of a fuss. Whether you can still change something about YOURSELF (expect less, argue less, endure more) so that this relationship works and you don't end up alone again...

You had imagined your life to be different - but you lack the courage and the "oomph" to implement the things that are really important to you...

You once had dreams - and they got buried somewhere under all the other important things you wanted to achieve first. Now you feel almost too old, too silly or too insecure to start again. And where, when, how and with what should you even begin?

You don't want to complain all the time, but... you talk until your head is blue and your wishes are constantly ignored!

Until you lose your temper! Then of course you're ashamed of the ugly monster inside you that you just can't get under control, but... Unfortunately, your wish has still not been heard. Are you asking for the impossible?

Here's the thing:

Being good won't get you anywhere...

The reason why you have not yet found the deep, intimate love and the inspiring, intense life The reason why you are not getting what you want is simple: you are still trying too hard to be a "good girl" and to live up to other people's expectations so as not to disappoint anyone.

You pull yourself together, say nothing, smile...

Sacrificing your desires and ambitions, forcing yourself into a box and trying to be happy with breadcrumbs...

While your heart bleeds and you lose your dreams and your magnetic, dazzling charisma.

Adapting even more, trying even harder and fighting even harder for recognition and appreciation will not help you get what you really want:

  • To be able to be yourself without any worries.

  • To be seen, held and loved - just as you really are.

  • To live a true love with deep connection and real intimacy - and with really delicious sex!

  • And finally implement your wild/secret/weird heart's desires with enthusiasm.

- without guilt, shame or fear of being too much .

More softness. More closeness. More trust.

I'm shaking! I just showed myself to be extremely vulnerable and told my boyfriend what I really wanted - and he was able to understand and accept it immediately.

At first it felt very naked and vulnerable to be so radically honest - but now it really gets me "high". I am touched by how much closer and more intimate my relationships have become as a result. I am more at peace with myself, much more relaxed and less reactive than before.

Cate, 35

How about it,
if you didn't have to bend anymore?

Imagine showing how you really feel - without fear of hurting or disappointing others.

Your friends, your lover, your family - all your relationships gain depth, closeness and trust. Plus: you suddenly have so much ENERGY because you no longer have to desperately maintain the image of yourself as a "strong woman".

Imagine doing your own thing - without fear of what others will think.

You start ballet, go back to college, tell someone that you like them: You feel inspired, motivated and incredibly alive because you are finally (again) doing what is IMPORTANT to you.

Imagine openly expressing your true desires - and being truly heard.

You get the raise. Your mom respects your boundaries. Your sex life is fffffantastic! Who knew life could be so EASY & DELICIOUS?

It does not work like that?
And whether!



A 1:1 coaching program with step-by-step instructions to help you realize your heart's desires with pleasure -

without fear of being "too much":

You feel who you are

My support is body and process oriented: Instead of looking for intellectual solutions that take you further and further away from your core being, I lead you from the eternal thinking in circles to the deep, conscious feeling of your body. In this way, you gradually release your numbness, rigidity, heaviness and anger - and transform them into pure, vibrant vitality.

You feel what you want

I will help you to remove your protective hardness and become soft and sensitive again: Amidst all the suffocating demands from outside, you will now feel your own hidden desires again and allow yourself to be pleasurable and greedy. You will learn to express your wishes authentically - without fear, guilt or shame .

You live your own life

I also support you in designing your own individual value system, beyond family or social conventions . This way, you can free previously suppressed facets of your personality, embody your boundaries with confidence (no more nerve-wracking discussions!) and create for yourself exactly the exciting opportunities and fulfilling relationships that you want.

Grab your *free* introductory call now:

More feeling. More depth. More energy.

15 years after studying art, I'm finally making art again - and it feels great!!!

Before coaching, I "functioned" as a single mother, was there for everyone else - but was often exhausted and frustrated. Melanie helped me to dissolve very old emotional blocks and to reawaken my sense of self. I was able to let go of tons of guilt and no longer feel responsible for people who robbed me of so much energy. I am now using this strength again for myself and my art.

Martina, 41

The world is too big to feel so small

This 1:1 coaching program is for you if...

...after years of adapting and trying, you want to feel again who YOU really are and what big, beautiful and exciting things you still want to experience.

You're functioning well at work, in the family... everything's OK, but... deep down inside you feel a longing for more! Time is flying by and you want to finally have the inspiration and strength to find yourself again and live your own life . want to find out how you can express and implement your wishes in love and in life with more self-confidence.

You have learned so much and have sooo much to offer... and you have already tried a lot of things and invested a lot of time, money, energy... Now you long for all your efforts to finally pay off and for you to get where you want to be. finally want to stop doing backflips so that you can feel understood and valued in your true nature.

You are tired of fighting so hard for attention, recognition and love and you finally want to find the people and opportunities that really suit you.

When you work with me, you will experience these changes:

You are with yourself - instead of outside yourself

You do what is really important to you and makes you thrive - beyond what you think you have to do

You accept the pain and limitations of others - without wanting to save them or fight for their love

You are for yourself - instead of against yourself

You embody your values & limits easily and naturally - with self-confidence instead of pressure and harshness

You create a deep trust in yourself, your worth and your abilities so that you get what you really want

Sounds outrageous? It is: outrageously good!

More boundaries. More space.
More clarity.

I feel much safer not saying "yes" straight away, but taking time to make my own decisions.

It actually feels "outrageous" every now and then to be so "difficult" - and I absolutely love it!!! It's just sexy to know what I want and what I don't want. Instead of going out of my way, I first feel and see: What would be most pleasant for ME?

Xenia, 36

You are so much
more than you allow yourself to be

Hiiii - I'm Melanie!

Emotions, embodiment & empowerment coach.
Here to unleash your unbridled vitality.

I also know the fear of being "too much": I have always adapted and made an effort - and tried to earn love and recognition. Despite all my efforts, I rarely got what I wanted from the bottom of my heart. Until I finally realized:

Being good won't get me anywhere!

My training in empowerment coaching, non-violent communication and yoga have helped me to take off the " good girl" mask and unleash the unbridled, vibrant woman that lies within me.

Hiding or pretending to be someone else is no longer an option. I've learned one thing: I only get what I really want if I show who I really am.
Therefore, my most important advice to you is:

Face the world with ALL your facets:

My Magnetic Muchness Method is a step-by-step guide to realize your wild/weird/edgy desires with pleasure - in love, at work and in life in general!

...that's how it works:


Step by step into your taming

Full of desire, pleasure and sparkling enthusiasm - this is how you will soon be able to feel again when you free your sensitive, dazzling being.


You can feel a lot

Your taming begins with feeling instead of functioning! If you have tried for a long time to live up to the expectations of others, then the first step is: First, let go of what you think you have to be - and focus on how you really feel.​ Because your body shows you exactly what is good for you - and what is not! You learn to process difficult, painful feelings and to enjoy beautiful feelings much more deeply and vividly. Your whole emotional life becomes more colorful, fuller and more intense! MAGNETIC MUCHNESS Tool-To-Go: "Sensual Flow" is a sensitive process with which you move from hardness, pressure and effort back to your softness and liveliness.

Unleash your sensitivity


You can want a lot

Awaken your hunger for life

Next, you'll unleash your own needs: Up until now, you've often been guided by the wishes of others so as not to offend anyone. That's over now: "What do I actually want?" - that's the fascinating question that you'll get to the bottom of together with your body. This way, you can make decisions with more self-confidence, bring long-hidden desires back to life within you - and open yourself up to completely new dreams. MAGNETIC MUCHNESS Tool-To-Go: "Selfish Bitch Prayer" - is your devoted prayer to the self-confident, headstrong woman in you who knows exactly what she wants and what is really important to her.


You can show a lot

Face the world

Next, we will free your truth: You will experience with your whole body that there are no feelings or needs that you have to feel guilty or ashamed of. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and reveal facets of yourself that you have not dared to show before. You will learn to express your wishes and limits without beating around the bush - so that you are really seen and heard with what is important to you. MAGNETIC MUCHNESS Tool-To-Go: "Muchness Shadow Map" - helps you to discover and overcome your typical protective mechanisms that have helped you to hide your truth. "5 Steps of Vibrant Communication" - Where you otherwise lack the right words or say things that you later regret, this 5-step process gives you a framework that gives you both the necessary support and the freedom to express your truth vividly.


You may receive a lot

The time for breadcrumbs is over. Now it's time for the cream cake - and you allow yourself to bathe in pleasure without feeling guilty. You free the lustful woman in you, who can accept gifts without restraint without immediately closing herself off - or giving even more back. So that everything you want can really reach you and fulfill you from deep within, your body must become open and receptive to it. I will help you to release the emotional resistance that is preventing you from being allowed to be pampered - without having to give and do a lot for it. MAGNETIC MUCHNESS Tool-To-Go: "Self-Pleasure Ritual" - this tender, juicy exercise goes deep and supports you in letting go of more and more control and allowing pleasure with every fiber of your body. It's quite possible that this practice will also revolutionize your sex life...

Allow yourself pleasure


You can be a lot

Grow beyond yourself

You have kept yourself small for long enough - the full-blooded adult woman in you can now shine in her full power. Until now you were afraid of putting others in the shade with your dazzling beauty. But now you feel with the utmost certainty: Your true greatness does not hold anyone back - it is liberating and captivating. You discover the leader in you with desire and passion - and walk with dignity over the hurdles that stand in the way of the life you want to create for yourself. MAGNETIC MUCHNESS Tool-To-Go: "Cloak of Dignity" is a powerful process that wraps itself protectively and nourishingly around your heart without concealing your talents, your skills and your true power.


You can think highly of yourself

Celebrate yourself

Fuck false modesty! From now on, you will shower yourself with attention and admiration: you will put your strengths in the foreground, and you will forgive your weaknesses with a benevolent wink. You can now finally feel what others have often told you: you are pretty great! You embrace your inner critic until he voluntarily retires, while you keep celebrating new, fascinating facets of yourself: because you meet yourself with boundless curiosity and enthusiasm - and you lovingly catch yourself when you have setbacks (instead of hitting yourself on top of them). In short: you will become your own best friend and your biggest cheerleader. MAGNETIC MUCHNESS Tool-To-Go: "Loving Gaze" is a process with which you embody a loving view of yourself: no matter what happens - you are on your side.

Grab your *free* introductory call now:

More desire. More pleasure. More radiance.

The Self-Pleasure Month... has moved and ignited so much in me!!! I'm just grinning and am completely in love - with myself!!!

I finally got it, my body understood what it means to put my desires first. After years of numbness, I can finally feel what I really want again. And above all: I dare to show it. Melanie brought out sides of me that I didn't even know existed.

Silvia, 36

Your muchness is captivating & magnetic

You can expect these results:

You no longer fight for love and recognition

Statt weiterhin an den immer gleichen Stellen im AUSSEN nach Bestätigung zu suchen, schaust du jetzt nach innen und folgst den Signalen deines Körpers -weg von Menschen & Situationen, die dir nicht gut tun und hin zu Allem, was dich wirklich erfüllt.

You free yourself from the boxes that have long since become too small for you

Instead of limiting yourself to what you "should" do or what you've always done, you discover an unashamed joy in breaking those shackles - and expressing your (weird? eccentric? rebellious?) facets. (Yay!)

You are connected to your natural, magnetic attraction

Instead of straining and burning out, you let go of the desire for control and connect with your soft, flowing energy - that magical, radiant force within you that easily and almost effortlessly draws exactly the right people and opportunities into your life.

Coaching or psychotherapy?

  • My work is trauma-sensitive, but it is not a substitute for psychotherapy. Consciously dealing with emotions can help you process emotional injuries and blockages - but it is not always the (only) answer.

  • Acute mental crises or severe mental disorders require therapeutic treatment. Please contact your family doctor or local emergency services for further information.

  • If you have any questions about whether this coaching is right for you, please feel free to contact me. I am also happy to give tips about other paths and options.

My superpowers

I light your fire

I ignite your enthusiasm, rebelliousness and willpower -   and dare to do what you haven't dared to do for sooo long! You'll finally be able to put it into practice: I'll accompany you step by step into the life in which you feel free, inspired and alive.

I ground you

You don't have to sugarcoat or hide anything from me: I will help you to bear what is so unbearable for you. I will guide you safely through pain and inner resistance to your self-confidence and trust.

I celebrate you

No more self-sabotage, self-sacrifice and false modesty: I cheer you on and celebrate every single step you take as you grow beyond yourself and into your true greatness

Less obligation.
More fun.

What would you no longer do if you didn't feel obligated to do it? - This question changed my life.

It was such a touching process to first discover what I do out of a sense of duty. A thousand little things, from phone calls that I didn't feel like making to sex when I didn't really feel like it. That brought a lot of sadness to the surface: what I've done to myself...!!! Now I have the energy and motivation to do the things that are really important to me. I finally dare to think about myself and my pleasure first.

Julia, 38

Show the world
the real, imperfect, badass, weird, beautiful, dazzling woman that you are.

This is how I support you:

1:1 coaching sessions of 90 minutes each (12x)

We bring your desires from the depths of your subconscious to the surface. Together we melt away the fears and resistance that prevent you from living your life the way you want.

Telegram accompaniment - weekdays (6 months)

I am just a text or voice message away, so you can feel truly safe, supported, and celebrated for the duration of the coaching session.

Embodiment processes for home (Forever yours!)

You will receive valuable tools for your daily life that will make it easier for you to reawaken the vitality of your body, to lovingly accompany yourself through difficult feelings and to express and implement your wishes without fear.

Dein Investment für 12 Sessions & 6 Monate Begleitung*: 1800 Euro

*This package is my recommendation to give your body and nervous system the time it needs to safely and enjoyably integrate the changes into your daily life as a new habit . Payment in installments is possible by arrangement.

The offer can be individually tailored to your wishes regarding the duration of the accompaniment, number of sessions and, if necessary, additional online yoga lessons. Let's discuss in person what suits you and your life best.

Grab your *free* introductory call now:

More anger. More courage. More freedom.

Wow - it still feels new and "forbidden" to be so bold about myself . But also wild and delicious... :)

I had no idea how frustrated I was. I kept swallowing my anger - after all, I didn't want to "be like that" and was afraid that I was "making too much of a fuss". Today, my anger is my guide: when I feel my chest tightening, I don't hesitate: I take care of MYSELF. I stand up for MYSELF - more and more often, more and more. Just like Melanie always says: I can stay soft and benevolent, not "although" but "because" I do what I really want to do from the bottom of my heart. And that feels sooooo liberating!

Jill, 52

Do you already feel it vibrating within you - untamed life?

Grab your *free* introductory call now

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