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Hi, I'm Melanie -

Emotions, Embodiment & Empowerment Coach - here to unleash your authentic, vibrant self-expression.

Do you want to feel like yourself again

- without fear of being too much ?

I create a space for you where you can experience with all your senses who you are when there is no pressure on you to perform or meet the expectations of others.

You are so much more than you have allowed yourself to be.

My heart beats for helping sensitive and expressive women to take up more space with ALL of their weird/wild/edgy facets - without guilt, fear, or shame.

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I currently live in Berlin, Germany, from where I accompany women worldwide -

online via Zoom video calls in German and English.

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The world needs you in ALL your facets.

Not just a carefully curated version of yourself. Not a well-behaved pretty lil' doll. Not the exhausted shadow of a woman.

Fuck that shit!!!

The fullness of ALL your facets is the material from which you create your life. The genuine, uninhibited expression of your truth is precious. Be brave. Be bold. Be fully you. Because:


Don't save yourself up like a party dress that's been hanging in the closet forever, waiting for its big appearance. Throw the outfit on and fully enjoy expressing your true Self.

is the time of your life.

Your muchness is magnetic

Authenticity creates attraction: With my Magentic Muchness Method I guide women back into their sensual aliveness, emotional depth, and wild, vibrant self-expression - so they get to create the life & relationships they truly love.

You may feel m-u-c-h

My work is body and process-oriented: Instead of looking for "heady" solutions that take you further and further away from the core of your being, I guide you from the endless thinking-in-circles to the deep, conscious sensing of your body. In this way, you gradually release your numbness, rigidity, and heaviness - and transform them into radiant vibrancy.

You may desire m-u-c-h

I will help you to melt away your protective armour of hardness and become soft and sensitive again: Amidst all the suffocating demands of the outside world, you will now feel your hidden desires surfacing inside of you again, and start to put your pleasure first - finally. You will learn how to express your wishes authentically - without fear, guilt, or shame.

You may be m-u-c-h

I also support you in creating your true, authentic value system, beyond family or social conventions. This way, you can liberate previously suppressed facets of your personality, embody your boundaries with confidence (no more nerve-wracking discussions!), and create exactly the exciting opportunities and fulfilling relationships that you desire.

Find out more about my 1:1 coaching program "Unshamed. Untamed."

Discover who you were before the world told you who to be.

Grab your *free* introductory call now:

The fear of  being too much is the inhibition of being yourself

My fight for love

All my life I tried to be "good": a good daughter, student, friend, lover and employee. It was important to me to meet the expectations of others. I'd never want to appear too sensitive, too difficult, too stupid, or be a burden in any other way !

I was born to very young parents. My family lovingly teased me by saying I was an "accident". Subconsciously, I carried this guilt with me: I shouldn't have existed at all.

Like so many girls, I learned to adapt and work hard to earn love .

To be honest, being good was rarely good enough: I would feel immense pressure to be outstanding and "special". 

I confused achievement with (self-)worth. And praise with love.

So it happened that throughout my life, again and again, I felt completely exhausted and empty. And above all: really lonely. Because:

No one knew how I really felt . Including myself.

I developed bulimia when I was 17. Even as an adult, I struggled for a long time with a disturbed relationship with my body, with food, and with myself.

What I was not aware of for ages:

I had a deep-seated fear that I might have feelings, needs or desires that were too much for others... I molded myself into being what others needed me to be - and tried to do everything right so as not to be rejected.

For fear of being too much ... relationships, I expressed my needs & boundaries much too late 

In the rush of excitement, I completely adapted to new partners. I put them on a pedestal, idolized them - until I realized what *I* was missing: real closeness, a deep connection, and a true interest in me and my life.

I didn't feel truly loved - but instead of leaving, I tried desperately to prove my worth and get the love I craved. (Crying fits, jealousy, anger attacks, and late-night arguments, anyone?) bed, I put the man's pleasure first

I enjoyed sex a lot because of the emotional closeness, but it wasn't about my pleasure: it was much more important to please the man. I didn't want to bore him, exhaust him, or be "difficult".

With veeeeery rare exceptions, I only had orgasms when I was alone. That only changed when I fell in love with a woman and no longer felt like I "had to" perform for a man.

... I was feeling "too small" to live up to my big visions

Despite fantastic opportunities, I was unable to make my dreams come true. I followed my heart, pursued the things that excited me, and created incredible opportunities for myself -

only to eventually get lost in my head, talk myself down, go around in circles between big dreams and massive self-doubts until I would finally give up. When I went to prove myself in "money jobs" that were missing a true purpose or perspective, I burnt out.

...I suppressed my softness and vulnerability:

In my job, in love, and life: I acted "strong", gritted my teeth for far too long and endured things that were simply unbearable.

Until my heart hardened, which dimmed my natural enthusiasm and magnetism. Plus, I damaged my self-confidence because I constantly doubted my perception and assumed that I was just being too sensitive and too dramatic.

All that changed when I realized:

Being good & working hard won't get me anywhere!

Instead of pleasing others,
I discovered a way to please myself.

From Good Girl to
Muchness Queen

Permission to be myself

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In my mid-30s, with my heart broken, I stumbled upon "Non-Violent Communication". In just one session, the NVC trainer taught me what I had not learned in years of psychotherapy: To consciously feel my feelings, needs and boundaries in my body. That was the beginning of a deep, inner transformation:

  • Instead of swallowing my hurt and gritting my teeth, I learned to show my feelings vulnerably

  • Instead of trying not to be a burden to anyone, I started taking up more space with my wishes and boundaries - without beating around the bush


  • Instead of working hard to please others, I got curious about exploring and discovering what I like!

Without guilt or shame, I now allow myself to take up M-U-C-H space in love and life - because I have understood one thing:

Only when I show who I really am will I get what I really want.

I dare to face the world - with ALL my facets

...and YOU can too!

The most rebellious thing a woman can do is... feel at home in her body!

In a world, where the female body is repeatedly used as a means of oppressing women, the most powerful act of resistance is a woman who makes peace with her body and fully expresses her truth:

Dare to take up M-O-R-E space with your multi-layered, multi-faceted nature unapologetically.

As long as we feel ashamed of our body, its sensations, and needs, we cannot step into our intrinsic power, because:

Only when you feel what you truuuly feel, do you know what you truuuly need - and only then can you take full responsibility for yourself.

It is my mission to guide women back to their sensual aliveness, emotional depth, and wild, vibrant self-expression.

When you work with me, you learn to...

...connect to the core of your being and trust your inner felt instinct again

...receive and nourish beautiful feelings with much more depth


...hold space for your unpleasant, painful feelings (instead of just holding "up")

...melt away outdated limiting beliefs from your body memory, and instead embody your own consciously chosen ideals, values, and boundaries

A woman who feels completely comfortable in her body is powerful.

My qualifications

  • Master Empowerment Coach (2022 - 2024) -The S.W.A.T. Institute, Canada

  • Personal Empowerment Coach (2021 - 2022) -The S.W.A.T. Institute, Canada

  • various Advanced Yoga Teacher trainings (2015 - 2017) - Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, NYC

  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (2014 - 2015) - Lord Vishnu's Couch, Cologne

  • Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg (2014) - Beate Waltrup, Cologne

  • Thai Massage Practitioner (2008) - Wat Po School of Health, Bangkok

  • Modern Stage Dance (1999 - 2001) - Amsterdam University of the Arts

Do you already feel it vibrating within you - the untamed life?

Grab your *free* introductory call now:

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