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Woman in dancing pose on the street in New York

Photo: Luisa Muhr




Yoga studios. Dance schools. Gyms. Rooftops. Parks. Soccer fields. Your office or your living room... Wherever we can come together to roll out our mats - let's do it. 

Are you looking for an experienced yoga teacher to create challenging and fun vinyasa yoga classes for your students, members, friends, co-workers...?
Please, talk to me...


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Do you have questions you never dare to ask in group classes? Do you need to adjust your practice after an injury? Do you feel stuck in your practice and need concrete tips on how to move on? Do you enjoy practicing at home in a safe and personal setting?

This is YOUR time! I am so glad to support you in your individual needs. Either 1-on-1 or in mini-groups of max 3. | Special Treat: Yoga'N Massage


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Some things just need a little more time and loving exploration.

I offer a deeper insight into physical and mental themes and transformational practices in a variety of workshops and class series.

Yoga Off The Mat:
Dancing Asana &
Dancing Meditation


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Trained in Traditonal Thai Massage at the Wat Po temple in Bangkok, I practice an intuitive mix of deep massage, gentle mobilisation and conscious breathing. My wish is to create a safe space of peace and trust, where body and mind can release and completely let go. 

Special Treat: Yoga'N Massage 
Finish off your Private Yoga Class with a YUMMIE Thai Yoga Massage to beam you from savasana right into seventh heaven. Ooooooooommmm.

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*This offer is for women only

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