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Are you ready to unleash the wild, vibrant woman within you?



Feel more. Desire more. Live more.

Have you dimmed your beauty,
tamed your wildness, hidden your tenderness, and sacrificed your truth -
for the fear of being "too much"?

But sometimes you wonder:

Why do you have to fight so hard for love?

You give so much and get so little in return. When you speak up, you risk fights, so you'd rather stay silent.

Why do you have so little confidence in yourself?

You have everything it takes - yet you doubt yourself and don't dare to do what is really important to you.

Where does this exuberant anger come from?

From one moment to the next you explode. After calming down, you feel terribly sorry.


You probably blame yourself for not feeling fully seen, loved, and fulfilled. Obviously, there's something wrong with you.

So you grit your teeth and function. You don't want to seem ungrateful or - God forbid! - to be a burden. So you try to squeeze into boxes that are too small for you.

Babe, fuck that shit!!!

Your soul longs to break free from the "good girl" patterns of people pleasing, over-performing, and perfectionism - and finally trust that voice of longing in your heart. This desire for m-o-r-e that is pulsating so bittersweet throughout your entire body.

You are SO much more than you have allowed yourself to be. Find out how MUCH you can feel, move and create. Stop serving the rest of the world and start serving yourself.

Live life the way YOU like it:



Nobody should have to bend over backwards for appreciation & love.

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Living the way you
want feels outrageous. Outrageously good.

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Strip off your fears and move into your most wild, vibrant being.

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Don't make yourself suit your life. Live the life that suits you.

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Bring your deepest desires to life by overcoming what's holding you back.

Hi - I'm Melanie!

Emotions, Embodiment & Empowerment Coach - here to unleash the wild, vibrant women within you.

I know the fear of being "too much" all too well: For a long time, I tried to please others and worked hard to earn appreciation and love.


Yet, I rarely got what I desired with all my heart. Until I finally realized:

Being "good" won't get me anywhere!

My training in empowerment coaching, non-violent communication, and yoga helped me to take off the “good girl” mask and unleash the audacious, vibrant woman within me.

Hiding my truth or bending over backwards for appreciation and love is no longer an option. One thing I've learned is that only when I express who I truuuly am, can I get what I truuuly desire.

Today, it is my mission to help women express their feelings, wishes & boundaries without fear - so that they get to create the life they love to live.

More energy. More depth.
More freedom.

This is what my clients say about me:

I feel light, full of energy and want to take part in life again.

I finally dare to express my needs and limits openly and honestly.

I have much more control over my life than I ever thought possible.

Before the coaching, I was extremely exhausted and unmotivated for months. In just 3 sessions with Melanie, I was able to identify the cause of my lack of energy and find my way back to my old, vibrant self.

Melanie helped me to dissolve very old emotional blocks. I feel lighter, softer, more loving towards myself - and able to experience difficult as well as beautiful feelings with much more depth.

When I started coaching, I was pretty frustrated most of the time. Now I can feel my body again, I can perceive my feelings - and I have the courage to stand up for myself better, both at work and in my private life.

Zeynep, 26

Martina, 41

Heidi, 53

Do you already feel it vibrating within you - the untamed life?

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