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5 day video course | *Free*

How to overcome guilt, shame & heaviness and transform your "multiplicity" into abundance



Are you a passionate, life-hungry woman who always feels like she wants too much?

Have you been feeling for a while that the clothes you wear to move through life are becoming too tight, too small and too heavy?

Do you feel a burning, a pulling and a longing inside you that is becoming more and more urgent and louder?

Liebes, dein hungriges Herz  ist hier genau richtig.

Your muchness is captivating and magnetic!

The world needs you in *ALL* your facets.

Not just a carefully curated version of yourself. Not just a good, pretty doll. Not just a wasted shadow of a woman. Fuck that shit!!

You are wild, weird & dazzling!

Show the world your true nature - and unleash the irrepressibly vibrant woman inside you.

Unleash your magical

Hi! I'm Melanie, Emotions & Embodiment Coach , and the cheerleader of your "Magnetic Muchness" - the courage to live *ALL* your facets.

The 5-day video course *Magnetic Muchness* is my invitation to you to be uninhibitedly YOURSELF. Vibrating, pulsating, dazzling - and greedy for MORE. This is how you become a magnet for a life that really suits YOU!

What's waiting for you:

Sensuality, pleasure and lots of expansion: a juicy, delicious immersion into all the facets that you haven't allowed yourself to experience for sooo long. A new feeling for the preciousness of your desires, wishes and longings. And the permission to actually receive everything you long for. A deeply touching, intense journey back to your unbridled vitality.


Every day you will receive an email packed with:

Video 1: Intro with Journaling Prompts (30 min)

Video 2: Guided movement meditation (20 min)

Video 3: Entspannung (10 min)



Magnetic Woman Meditation

It is incredibly brave to expand your own boundaries and grow into the ABUNDANCE you were born for. With this meditation you unleash your natural attraction and allow yourself to RECEIVE what you soooo much desire with every fiber of your body.

After years of effort and adaptation, your body is probably hardened and numb. Today you dance a hot soul striptease by breaking free from old ideals that constrict and block you - until you feel yourself breathing freely and pulsing with life again.


Soul striptease


Sensual Pleasure Flow

After you freed your heart yesterday, today you learn to expand the new softness and sensitivity: Instead of holding on and enduring, everything within you begins to flow: You melt your expectations and blockages - and become soft and receptive to desire, pleasure and enjoyment.


Honor Your Heart-Dance

Instead of automatically conforming to the expectations of others as you have done before, you learn to stay true to yourself: you feel from deep within what is good for YOU. You radically stand by your own values, desires and limits. This dance honors the power of your heart to say "no" softly but clearly.


Greedy Bitch Prayer

Psssst - hey you! Finally admit it: You want soooo much more from this life than you ever dared to admit. You even keep them hidden from yourself: your deepest, inner longings, wishes and desires. Today you can bring them to life: the greedy bitch inside you!

Bonus 1: Video - Magnetic Flow Yoga (45 min)

Bonus 2: Free online coaching with me!

Magnetic Woman 1M

3 online coaching sessions of 90 minutes each

1 Online Yoga Individual Session
​60 minutes each

Daily Telegram accompaniment

Valid for 1 month from the first session

Super Special

0 euros

500 euro


More feeling. More honesty. More enjoyment.

My customers experience all of this:

After years of numbness, I can feel again what I really want.

Katrin, 36, after 3 individual sessions

Wow - it still feels new and "forbidden" to be so bold about myself . But also wild and delicious... :)

Jill, 52, after 3 individual sessions

I feel lighter, softer, more loving towards myself .

Martina, 41, after 6 individual sessions

I'm shaking! I just showed myself to be extremely vulnerable and said what I feel and need. SO good!

Cate, 35, after 3 individual sessions

Endlich traue ich mich, zuerst an mich und meinen Genuss zu denken.

Julia, 38, after 12 individual sessions

I have understood, deep inside I can feel that I can and want to take care of myself .

Xenia, 36, after 18 individual sessions

Grab it now, babe!
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